Susan  is an Ohio Architect providing architectural services from design through construction phases of the design-build process.


Projects range in scope from homes and retail to businesses.  Case studies of home renovation, new gymnastics facility and wall graphics are examples.


In addition to traditional architectural practice, Susan has served on Boards and Commissions and taught college courses in architecture and design.

Using Basic Drawing Tools

Draw straight lines with triangle and parallel edge, and sharpen lead.

Drawing Simple Curves

Draw curves with templates and compass.

Drawing Angles

Draw lines with a triangle and adjustable triangle.  Set the adjustable triangle to draw roof slopes.

Erasing Lines

Use an erasing shield with vinyl eraser to remove lines.  Use a kneaded eraser to lighten lines.

Using a Scale Ruler

Draw at architectural scale with triangular scale tool.  Read the various scales.

Useful Templates

Introduction to a variety of templates for drawing shapes.

Start a Drawing

Begin drawing a floor plan and layout the sheet.

Architectural Drafting Scale Selection

Choose an appropriate scale to fit your drawing to the size of the paper.

Drawing Guidelines for Lettering

Draw guidelines for lettering text with straight edge, graph paper, and lettering guide tool.


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Susan V. Plaisted, Architect


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